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    2017 Coffee Beans Price List

    Custom Roasting & Coffee Beans Retail

    Customized roasted coffee beans for your coffee shops

    Our services includes:

    • Customized roast profiles for espresso blending
    • Your own choice of Indonesian Beans
    • Private Labeling on your coffee blend's bag
    • Customized roast profiles for single origins coffee
    • Custom Roasting - Bring your own green beans to our roast house. Freshly roasted in house.

    National Championship's Workshop

    by Vito Adi Tjandrasurja - Indonesia

    as World Latte Art Certified Judge 2016 - 2018

    A workshop created for barista especially for latte art barista, that are passionate and looking for guidance how to compete at the National Championship and how to achieve the World Level Standard.