• Art & Science

    It's the merging of both worlds, where all the magics happened!

    Custom Roasting

    Special Profiling

    Let us do the roastworks per your preferences. Bring your own beans or buy it from our curated catalog of green beans.


    Start from

    Rp. 70.000/batch

    Co-Roasting Space

    Rent our Roaster

    Rent our space and roast your coffee your own way. Choose from 3 of our available machines.


    Manual Roasting Machine

    Latina 801N - Batch capacity: 0.5 Kg - 1 Kg


    Manual/Auto Roasting Machine

    Froco 5X Series - Batch Capacity: 2 - 6 Kg

    Froco 15T Hybrid - Batch Capacity: 7.5 - 16 Kg


    Start from

    Rp. 60.000/batch

    Roasting Class

    Now Everyone Can Roast

    Learn the basic of roasting, roast profiling, blending and cupping. All in just 2 days.

    Available for private or group.


    Start from

    Rp. 5.000.000/pax